About Us
Love Spark is Australian Introduction Agency who specialise in online dating and matchmaking services.

What is Love Spark site?
Love Spark site combines all services: online dating, matchmaking, astro compatibilities, love reading, visa services, translation services and flower delivering to Ex Soviet Union areas.

Our Manager.
Linda White was born in Ukraine and has lived in Australia for more than 20 years, and for more than 30 years this she likes to do (matching people). Linda used her first matching skills during university studies (Ukraine), matching singles when she worked in engineering field in Ukraine and continue her matches skills in Australia.
Linda Whites Agency Company was established in 1992, the main office is located in Melbourne , Australia. Linda White for many years has provided personal matchmaking. Since 2012 Linda White expanded her agency from matchmaking facilities to online dating services.
Love Spark representatives are located in the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, England, America, Australia.

How our services operate?
Love Spark site is designed in such a way that all prospective singles have their own rights to choose which way they would like to find their love: using online dating facilities or matchmaking services.

Why we are different than other dating or matching sites?
Many current international dating sites are not friendly users. Many registered singles (particular ladies) on other dating sites not sure if they are talking directly to the potential partner or to Co-workers of site. On our site everybody can talk to each other directly, without involvement of third parties. Free translation Google facilities can be used during writing to each other emails.

How the current matchmaker services works on other sites?
All the matchmaking experts will go through their large database to match with the person based on selection criteria. In the most cases this is mechanical work and not given warranty that the proposed match will work.
Love Spark matchmaker selecting a singles that can close match client expectation.
Love Spark matchmaker provides an interview with each individual member who decided to use matchmaker facilities. After the interview each member has to fill out an application form. Then our matchmaker will select singles from our database based on criterias written in the application form and based on individual notes made by matchmaker during the interview. Our matchmakers will use their own individual searching facilities in their own countries/place if the data base does not contain a person with a selective criterias. Matchmaker will provide a number of interviews with both parties: an interview with the prospective candidates and an interview with the client. After the interviews the photos of each individual is distributed to all parties for first visual introduction.
Matchmaker will provide contacts of 4 prospective partners. Generally from our experience within one month our client could favour one or two future partner. The two reminding prospective candidates will be checked on astro compatibilities by creating a love chart. And the final step is that our two fortune tellers are given their opinion in love reading. All the information: love chart compatibilities and love reading will be sending to the client on his/her request.

Love Spark On Line dating facilities.
How does Love Spark online dating facilities work? After registration each individual can send a greeting message, this is the first step to find out if the person to whom you are attracting has a similar interest.
When that person has received a first positive greeting response it is very important to make a good first impression. There are many advisers on the internet to tell you how to make first impression, but each case or situation is different. On Love Spark site our mentor[s] team or matchmaker team will provide professional advice to you on your first step to the introduction.
If you have been lost in the pool of database of singles, Spark Love team is on the way to help you. Our matchmaker or mentor team can give you advice which one is the best suitable candidate among the contactable singles.
Only on Love Spark site you have an option to check astro compatibilities match and check love reading test with professional Love Spark Fortune Tellers and Astrologers.

Foreign Countries Law and cultural Difference
Each foreign countries has their own rules in living, immigration, marriage , obtaining citizenship, green card facilities, etc. Before chosen your relocated country we strongly advice to find all information about this country, and then decide if you are ready to be relocated to this country. Alternatively, before searching discuss with Love Spark team your best option from which country you would prefer to have your partner.