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Our Astro Compatibility page is designed for those who would like to check their partner compatibility through the astrology signs.

What is astrological chart? The planets influence your life depends on where they fall in your chart. When the planet are harmonies, they create mutual understanding between people, the likehood of happiness and ease in relationships. This influence inclines toward mutual interests, shared goals and most often comfortable home. Planets that are harmonies are the least likely to promote critical misunderstanding. Disagreements are settled with simple adjustments and compromises. Matters are usually resolved readily and without a lot of fuss and hidden agendas.  

When the planets are disharmonies they create more confrontation and there is less likelihood of an easy relationship. These couples usually have dissimilar tastes, interests and characters. Because of the basic differences, quarrels are often long lasting and estrangements are more frequent than with the more favorable aspects and energies. Yet there is a potential for two strong - willed individuals to force each other to look at things from a different perspective and create both positive and growth for each person.

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