Real Communication >>>

Real Communication >>>
What is real communication?
The meaning of real communication is when the message that is sent is clear and understandable.

You can use our translation services “ on line translation service” when you read emails in Russian language or use professional interpreter during writing communication. Remember a good writing communication is the key to your successful relationship.

When you choose to communicate by phone or on Skype with the ladies who lives on another continent do not forget that Australian accent is different from English or American. Do not try to contact over the phone or by Skype from the beginning of your pen relationship. Identify where you both right now and ensure that there is no gaps in your communication by emails at the moment. Check English level before contacting her on Skype or by phone.

Do not feel alone on our site, if you feel that there is a misunderstanding in your communication our team using new 3 ways communication technology system is always ready to help you to get in touch and to communicate with your special lady.

You are welcome to use our mail system or give your personal email address when the relationship is at advance stage. Our goal is that our members connect personally and start a real relationship, not an online romance by correspondence.
There is no charge for the mails you send through our system; all mails are FREE.

Our team will support you no matter what form of communication will be chosen to accomplish your main goal in finding beautiful woman and married a woman of your dreams. Good Luck!!!