My Ukrainian bride

My Ukrainian bride
For more than 5 years, I have been seeking a quality Eastern European woman to be my wife. I have tried different agency but all their recommendations for women did not work for me for two reasons, they were not interested in me or I did not see my future life with these particular ladies.

Meeting Linda stopped me spending considerable time for searching for the perfect match. Within four months I was able to communicate with woman who wanted me for my qualities and deems my life style. I travelled to the Eastern Part of Ukraine where an old Ukrainian traditional style of life still exists. Within one year I was married to my beautiful girl and we had a traditional Ukrainian wedding quite different from what other nations do. Drinking vodkas (horilka in Ukraine) accompanied with a lot of dance, and guest entertainment plus food. It is customary that ukrainian weddings have way too much food, and drink. Musicians sing with guests some national songs with accompaniment of instruments like accordion, violin and others.
Now I have returned home, and I am waiting for my wife to come and join me in Australia. The visa process will take up to 6 month. But this time is nothing to comparison of how much time I waste before for my search.
Thank you Linda for your service.
Mark. 2012