We are in

We are in love
Hi I'm Jack and  I'm 23 and this is how I met my fiancee Liliya. Well, me and my Russian friend Bogdan (in short Bob both worked at Chadstone Shopping Centre).
He had a hot girlfriend call Tanya. Tanya later on introduced me to her  girlfriend but it did not work and one day browsing on computer I found Australian Love Spark site. I spotted one girl send her couple emails and in one week got answer. Communication was not great as Liliya English was not good, I asked Tanya to help me with the communication. We communicated for almost one year and then Liliya proposed me to come to Italy for holiday. We spend only 3 days but those 3 days were the most remarkable days in my life.
Now my fiance is in the process of getting visa. Thanks to Linda for her advice how to prepare all the required papers for obtaining fiance visa to Australia.
Jack 2013.