How to join Love Spark site?
You have to go to the front page, write your email, create unique password, agree on terms & conditions. Then you will be asked to continue registration from your email box. Go to your email box, click continue button which will bring you to “My profile page”. On your profile page create your login name, date of birth and you are officially registered member of our site. Note, that email, your real name, surname, and date of you birthday are not published and used only for customer service.

How to Log in as a member?
If you are already a member you can log in by pressing button Login". This button is located on the top of front page.

If you have forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your password, click the link 'Forgotten my password? on the front page' and enter the email address used when you set up your account. Password reset details will be emailed to you within a few minutes.

Can I change my Log In password?

If you would like to change your password.
  • Step 1: Login to the site.
  • Step 2 Open My profile page.
  • Step 3 Click on Account Settings Tab
  • Step 4 Click on the 'Change password' link.

You will be required to login again after changing your password.

Can I change my Login Name?
You can’t change your user name. Due to the way the site works it is not possible to change your user name once you have created an account.

Can I change my age?
You can change your age, but only once. If you are changing your age to manipulate the matching system, then your account may be put under review.

About your profile:

How to create or update your profile?
When you create a profile you have to describe yourself and tell what you are looking for. If you are struggling to write your profile you can use on-line matchmaker or on line mentor services. You can update your profile any time, by going to your profile page and after updating profile, hit button Submit.

How to update your email address?
You can update your email from your profile page. Click on 'Update your email address'

What happen if you forgot your login name or password?
If you are unable to login to the site because you have forgotten your username, password and email account you registered your account with then please contact us and provide the following details:
• Your Name
Your Date of Birth
And your current email address

We will then send you all details to your new email address.

How to make your profile stand out from the crowd?
If you are struggling to write your profile you can use on-line matchmaker or on line mentor services. Another option, is to use our site facilities option by buying Attract more attention service.

How you can hide your profile?
If you simply want a break from the site but don't want your existing contacts to be deleted then you can simply hide your profile. You will still be able to chat with your existing contacts or using the site email system.

To hide your profile you can go to your Profile page and select from Our Services list icon Private Experience and follow the prompt, or you can chose icon Private experience on site. You cannot contact new members while your profile is hidden!!!!!

How to cancel your profile?
You can cancel your profile from your profile page. Use Additional Tabs, click Account settings option and then by pressing deactivate button your account will be cancelled.

What happen if you cancel your profile?
You can re-activate your account at any time within the following 6 months. Simply log into the site again and you will have an option to re-activate your account and profile. Your list of contacts cannot be restored. If you don't get the option to re-activate your account then it is likely that your account has expired. In this case you will need to join again with a new username.

About Photos

It's free to upload, add, delete, hide or choose who can see your photos.

How to upload photos?
How to upload photos on the computer? Go to Additional Tabs on your profile page, select Photo tab, Choose you file and then press button Submit for approval your photos.

How to add photos?
If you would like to add more photos select Add button, than Choose file and press button Submit.

How to delete photos?
You can delete your photos by selecting each individual photo, and then press button delete file.

How to hide your photos?
On the profile page, there is a lock picture. By clicking on a lock picture you have option to hide your main photo, or additional photo or choose who can see your hidden photos from the Favourite list.


If you paid and have not received any email regarding your services,please send email: your full name.