Safety Tips

Private information

Set up your individual email address specifically for dating site and use our email system. Give your personal information only when you are ready. Share your photos, but do not misrepresent yourself over emails, as untruthful information may develop in the future anger or unpleasant endings.

Be safe

Be honest, however if you feel something suspicious about someone, do not take risk. Use your instinct, first impression always right.

If you want to get another opinion, share yours thoughts with friends, family or with Love Spark members.

First Date

Organise your date in a place that you know very well and you feel comfortable, preferable in a public place. Tell your family or friend where are you going, and how to reach you, and when you will be back. Try to have first meeting not too long, and do not let your date you drive home. Use your own car to go home, but if you are planning to drink, use taxi or public transport. Do not let your date to drive you home on the first date. Bring your own money even if the guy will pay for your drink or food. Extra cash will help you to control situation if the date will not go smoothly. Do no leave food or drink unattended.

Safety tips for overseas dating

We don't conduct criminal background checks on our users. However if you have decided to go overseas we recommend that you to find more information about your lady/man. We have facilities to provide comprehensive check-up of ladies in Ukraine and Russia: a full background can be available on client request.

Pick up from the airport

Finally you are excited about the chance to meet yours selected individual in person and your love one has decided to meet you at the airport. Do not be surprise if your potential partner will tell you that she will meet you in the airport, as it is a Ukrainian and Russian culture thing. Be suspicious if she will tell you that she can’t do it because of any reason…

If you feel that the first meeting not very perfect we advise you to use a taxi to go to hotel/apartment.


If you have decided to travel overseas and you are organising accommodation by yourself try to stay in a hotel.

Love Spark provides accommodation services, and if we are organising for you an apartment, security is higher, as we know where you residing while overseas. You can always contact to us if you feel uncomfortable with your current situation.

If you have decided to stay in accommodation prepared by your lady tell your family and friends your new overseas address.


It’s impossible for Love Spark dating agency to anticipate and prevent all dating fraud or web scam. However, we have made significant progress by screening all ladies from overseas who register on our site.

Our site is monitoring all correspondence related to subjects such as: asking you for money or any donations; sending harassing or abusive emails.

However since many pieces of emails are moving through our system it may not possible to prevent all scams. Therefore if our clients have any concerns regarding some emails we are asking everyone to block and report suspicious users.

If you still have concerns

Love Spark staff is present for you 24 hours a day to make your search easy and joyful with minimal unpleasant surprises. You can contact us any time to ask any questions as we are here to help you in your search.