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Dear member, you can use a free service translation by using the following

However if you wonder that your email can lose some meaning using web site translation facilities you can use one of our two types of translation: Adequate translation or Creative translation.

Our group of professional translators can translate your e-mails professionally and confidentially and have them back to you by any deadline.

Creative translation is recommended for your first introduction email. Our team can help you impressed your partner and help you “to catch their attention”. 

Adequate translation doesn't lose the style of your original writing and providing all the information written in the email. 

Payment for Translation.
Refer to section "Bonus System" for translation discount for members.If you have one letter to translate and you are not eligible for free translation service you can use - Pay-Per-Letter or Pre-Pay Option. 

Why you should use Pre-Pay Option?:

  • Easy and fast submissions of your letters

  • Use your pre-paid balance for multiple submissions

  • There is no expiry date on your pre-paid balance!

  • You can select Creative or Adequate type translation

If you would like us to translate letter/emails follow 6 steps:

Step 1:  Push button "Translate

Step 2:  Copy and paste the text of your letter in the window provided. The program will automatically calculate the number of characters. (If you upload the text as a file, we cannot calculate the number of characters in the letter. In this case the program will count each page as 3000 characters.)

Step 3: Select the Language of translation. Currently we provide translation from English to Russian and Ukrainian and from Ukrainian and Russian to English.

Step 4: Select Translation option  Creative or Adequate translation.

Step 5: Push "Send" button

Step 6: After sending your letter you will get email how much to pay for translation. Then hit "Order now" button, and follow the prompt. You can pay extra money for future "Pre-Pay " option.

Your letter will be translated within 3 business days. You will find the translated letter in "your email box" on your homepage and of course the letter will also be sent to your email address attached in Word File.

Our professional translators are native speakers and qualified linguists who make sure that your translations are accurately translated, conveying the correct message in the desired tone. All translations remain strictly confidential.

Each of our professional translators specializes in a chosen language translation service field. You can select your preferable professional translator. To view members of our translation team hit below link.

Translation Services team: click here