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Life is full of situations when you think 'I wish I could talk to someone who's done this before'. Well, now you can. 
  • Want to start new relationship.
  • Struggling to find that special one
  • Need advice on bride’s culture
  • Any other ???? questions

Depending on the critique, our mentors can target extra services for those who want advice, including counseling relationship, can help to create a date from sending flowers, organizing trip, and contact to person, translate emails.
Our mentors are here to offer you the benefit of their personal perspective based on their own experiences.

Our mentors don’t know you and are therefore less likely to be judgmental about your issues than perhaps friends and family would be. Think of it as the kindness of strangers... on tap. 
We'll never save your personal information to send you spam or market to you, and we never share your personal information with anyone.
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                            How to start to chat with on-line mentors?

1. Choose how much time you would like to chat. Refer to section "Bonus System" for services discount for members.

2. View and select your preferable On-line mentor.

3. Proceed with the payment. Upon completion of your payment you will receive an email of successful payment.

4.By email, submit your Skype address to  mentor for communications via Skype. An appointment will be set for you with your chosen mentor at your convenience time to chat.

5. If your preferable mentor is currently online, you can chat instantly, once payment has gone through.
To check if our mentor on-line look on mentor status.

6. If your preferred mentor is currently off-line, send an email, including your name and which country you are from, and your email will be answered within 24 hours.We do not guarantee the availability of your chosen mentor within 24 hours. If your chosen mentor is not available, you will be put through the next available online mentor, unless you specifically state that you would like to speak to your preferred mentor and you are willing to wait for his or her availability.

7. Your minutes will start to be deducted only after you have connected to mentor. You may return to the service within 24 hours of your purchase to use any remaining purchased minutes.

8. For any question regarding payments refer to section Help.

We are confident that you can find guidance and advice on life and support on your ‘issues’ from our online mentors. 

To view/select our "Professional Mentors" hit the below link.

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