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Dear Member!!!

When you decide to meet your lady and your lady can't organize accommodation, you can contact us so that we can make your hotel or apartment reservation. We can help you to find an apartment or hotel in the center of the city or in a very close proximity distance from your lady.
What shall you do?

Step 1 Pay introduction fee for the apartments reservation services using "Buy it now" button

Step 2 After the payment hit "Send Request " button and provide for us as much information regarding your requirements for apartments/hotel reservation (ie, stars rating hotel, service apartments, price range, etc) .

Step 3 An appointment will be set up for you at your convenience time to discuss apartments/hotel availability. 

Step 4 Skype address will be send to you for discussion.

Step 5  If the proposed apartment is chosen, the final price shall be paid for booking the selected apartment/hotel. An email will be send to you with reservation/booking price.

Step 6 Press Button "Booking", and follow the prompt.

Step 7  Booking confirmation will be forward to your account upon receiving payment

Reservation Fee